Businesses involved in the construction industry

We help construction companies, and businesses involved in the construction industry be better organised, make more money and ring-fence risk that exists in construction.


Proven Strategies

As a practice we have teams of accountants who ONLY work with construction companies and we have developed proven financial strategies that work within the industry. You will therefore benefit from our wealth of experience from working with some of the most profitable, thriving contractors


Make life easier and protect you

Construction is a dangerous and litigious business sector, and we focus our efforts in helping you run a better business, while at the same time, reducing your risk. This may involve protecting your assets and property, care with subcontractors being classified as employees, or using our experience to help arrange the right contract terms.


Growing your company

Accounting is looking at historical data to tell you the story of what’s happened. Finance is about using that data to help you to make better decisions about the future, so you can grow your contracting business and grow your profits. That’s what we do.

We can help you in the following ways:

  1. Our book - Send you a copy of our book on tax and accounting considerations in the construction industry. A book where we share some of our ideas to make a real difference to your business, be it employment issues about subcontractors, or benefits of a group structure to help protect assets. To get the book, just email us at

  2. Book in a meeting - Pop over and see our industry experts in looking after construction companies, and let us show you what we can do. We will listen first, and understand what you do, the issues you face, and the challenges (and opportunities) you face. Then share some ideas, see if we can help make a real difference for you

  3. We become your accountants -  the most impact we can give you, is for us to become your professional advisors, helping you with your finance function, your accounts, raising money, corporate structure and tax. Provide you with the expertise you need to make a real difference. The truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know, and being specialists in your area, we can really help

Need more detail?

We promise to tell it like it is and not to blind you with jargon.

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